Silvia Gayler’s, Englisch Sprachkurse und Lernhilfe.



The LET’S TALK ENGLISH Sprachkurse and Lernhilfe office is ideally situated directly in Klagenfurt city centre. Tuition is held in a friendly and informal atmosphere led and taught by Silvia Gayler and other professional language instructors, all of whom are native English speakers.



English is one of the most widely spoken languages throughout the world today and is the preferred language for both international business and leisure purposes.

Business: Increasingly companies who deal with international correspondence and negotiations are finding it extremely beneficial to employ language training and support personnel. Developing a high level of competence in a second language such as English will give you a competitive edge in the business arena and will place your company in a stronger position.

Leisure: Learning English can be fun! There are many reasons why people learn new languages. It is undeniably appealing to be able to communicate in a foreign language, and breaks down the barriers between people from different lands. As mentioned, English is one of the most widely used languages throughout the world, and indeed a language that brings people together.

Regular conversation is the key to success  
Whether for business or leisure, the best method of learning a language is by speaking it. If not regularly spoken, language skills tend to decline rapidly. Therefore, participating in regular individual lessons or conversational classes led and taught by a native English speaker, will ensure your language skills are maintained to a high standard enabling you to converse with confidence in any given situation.





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